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It all started with a joke about a traveling book store on a tiny-house bus. We wanted to be able to spend the weekends surrounded by books. We were very committed to our jobs as literature teachers and saw so many budding artists and writers in our time of teaching. After our combined 30 years of teaching, we decided we wanted to do more. We wanted to share our love of reading while supporting our local writers and artists. In February of 2021, we began the plans and preparations for what is now known as the "Immortal Trees Bookshop."


Our biggest challenge was finding a location. It is a lot different from buying a house. We had to find an area where people would take a chance on a small bookshop when they had already established the kinds of stores and places they wanted to host. We also had to find a place that was in our price range. We scoured the internet for locations until we found the perfect place! With some remodeling and a handful of bookshelves, the shop began to feel like home.

Our biggest goal here is to create a space of community and inclusivity. We make sure to include books from all different perspectives. We all have the ability to widen our worldview and what better way to do that than through reading!?

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