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30-Day Story of Me Challenge



Above, using the DOCX link box, are the 30 prompts for this month’s fun challenge. On the following page is the list without dates so you can create your own dates, use the separate dates (see page 4) or just not feel pressured to finish this challenge all in September. Page 3 is the list with the dates.


Feel free to change the font, make the boxes bigger, and even change any of the prompts that don’t seem to fit you. It is a challenge, however, so try to step outside of your comfort zone to see if there is a way you can use each prompt. For example: you’re stuck on “jewelry” because you don’t wear any, maybe take a pic of your hand to say that you don’t and explain why, or maybe take a pic of the hand of someone you know that does wear jewelry because that person is part of your story. The lack of jewerly is just as important of a fact about you as wearing it. Or change the prompt. 


For the challenge, the format is up to you too! (So much creative freedom! Whew!) You can take a picture each day, write a poem, write a reflective paragraph or sentence, Sketch or paint a little picture, create a dance move, compose a guitar riff…anything is possible! You can then record it in a paper journal, or online digitally – maybe even to get it printed in bookform at the end of the month! – or even put your prompt answers on a posterboard or inside a picture frame to hang on your wall. It can be recorded on your blog, on your social media, or even through videos you upload (or don’t.) This month-long  self-exploration exercise is yours to play with. I am going to be taking and printing little 2x3 photos to add to a little journal.  I will definitely need a gold star if I finish this challenge because 30 days is a long time to keep up with something! We can do it!!!!


THEN….we hope you plan to join us at the end of the month on Saturday, Sept 30 for our Share Our Stories day at the shop. We welcome you to bring in your creative and unique responses to our prompts to share with us and each other. Even if you didn’t get all of the prompts done, we would love to share what you have created.


Here's to a fun, exploratory month of creativity, expression, and recording our histories.


- Charity and Amy (and Jack and Toothless)

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